The Ulster Independent Clinic - Patient's Guide

Fixed price surgery for self-paying patients guarantees the cost of treatment and gives you peace of mind.

Fixed price surgery is a scheme specially designed for those patients who wish to enjoy the benefits of treatment in the Clinic and who pay their own bill.

Fixed Price Surgery Is:

  • A scheme designed for patients who are not covered by private medical insurance.
  • An arrangement which gives you a guaranteed fixed charge for a range of surgical procedures.  The price includes your Surgeon’s and Anaesthetist’s fees as well as all Clinic treatment during your stay.
  • Also included is one postoperative consultation if required.
  • A guarantee that you will not be given any additional bills even if you need to spend up to six weeks in the Clinic or if complications arise from the surgical procedure.
  • A quality scheme, providing the same treatment and services provided for all other patients.

Fixed Price Surgery Is Not:

  • An out-patient scheme.  Any out-patient consultations or investigations before your surgical admission to the clinic are not included in this scheme.
  • A discounted scheme.  The cost is based on average charges for each procedure, plus a small charge to cover the possibility of a stay longer than the normal limit.
  • A deferred payment scheme.  Payment in full is required before admission.
  • Fully inclusive.  You will be invoiced on discharge for miscellaneous extras, such as telephone calls you make from your room.

How Does Fixed Price Surgery Work?

  • When you know you need surgery, you may ask your Consultant surgeon if you can be admitted to the Clinic under his care, for Fixed Price Surgery.
  • If the surgical procedure you require is listed in our schedule and your Consultant is a member of the Clinic medical staff he/she will arrange your admission.
  • Payment must be made in full by cheque/banker’s draft/cash, one week prior to admission.

What Are the Conditions?

  • The Clinic guarantees that no additional fees or charges will be incurred by any patient who may require an extended stay in hospital of up to six weeks.  This applies only in the case of complications arising from the original medical condition leading to admission.
  • Should complications arise which are not attributable to the original condition the Clinic reserves the right to make appropriate charges at normal rates.
  • The Clinic also reserves the right to refuse admission under a fixed price scheme if any pre-operative conditions are known to exist which may give rise to complications,
  • The guarantee set out above does not apply once the patient has been discharged from hospital unless further admission is required on an emergency basis and is directly attributable to the fixed price surgery operation.


Admission Information


Fasting may be required before admission.  These instructions will be clearly stated in  your letter, please follow them.


  • Nightwear
  • Dressing gown
  • Slippers
  • Toiletries – towels are provided
  • Any medicine and/or inhalers which you routinely take – these should be brought in their original packaging as supplied by your chemist.
  • X-rays and/or scans relevant to this admission
  • Books, magazines


This service is not routinely provided by the Clinic and you should made arrangements for this.


8 am Breakfast

10 am Mid-morning Tea/Coffee

12.30 pm Lunch

3 pm Afternoon Tea/Coffee

5.30 pm Dinner

9.30 pm Night Time Snack

Catering in the Clinic is of a high standard.  A varied range of food is provided, suitable for all dietary requirements, with input from our Dietician as necessary.

To accommodate the varying needs of patients, snack meals are provided on request.


Subject to your medical condition, telephone contact and personal visitors are welcomed.  We do, however, discourage visiting at patient meal times and late evening.  The most suitable times are:

10 am – 12 noon

3 pm – 5 pm

7 pm – 9.30 pm

Complementary refreshments are available for visitors.  This facility is located on the Ward corridor. Meals are not routinely provided for visitors except for close family of a critically ill patient.



Using the Main Hospital Entrance, please report to Main Reception where your details will be checked and if necessary you will be directed to the Accounts Department to complete your financial arrangements.

On completion of the administrative process you will be accompanied to your room by a member of the Ward Team.


All patients are nursed in single rooms with en-suite facilities, satellite TV, radio, telephone and WIFI.

There is a two-way nurse call system, operating instructions for which are in the drawer in your locker.

Shortly after being shown the geography of the Ward and the facilities in your room, a member of the Nursing Staff will discuss and record details relevant to your care, which is planned and delivered according to your individual needs.


Our staff will endeavour to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

An opportunity to discuss your care with your Consultant is provided during his/her daily visit.

There is 24 hour medical care available on site.

No treatment, investigation or procedure will be undertaken without this being discussed with you.

Written consent is required for an anaesthetic, surgical or specialised examination.

You should ensure that you fully understand what is going to happen to you.  Minors (anyone under 16 years) should be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who will be required to sign the consent form.


Your planned length of stay will be reviewed daily by your Consultant according to your progress.

On the day you are discharged you are required to vacate your room no later than 11 am.

If you are unable to organise transport for this time, please speak to Sister and arrangements will be made for you to wait in the day room.

Before discharge you will have received written advice regarding your continued recovery and a summary letter to give to your GP.

A two day supply of prescribed medication will be given to you along with any of your own medication held for safekeeping.

A hospital in-patient medical certificate will be issued if required.

Any appliance (crutches, zimmers, etc) loaned by the Clinic for temporary use will incur a minimum deposit of £20, which is fully refundable on return of the item.  Arrangements are also in place for the hiring of other equipment.

Review appointments will be made as requested by your Consultant, at the Clinic or elsewhere.

Community services required will be arranged by the Hospital Liaison Sister following discussion with you.  In the immediate discharge period should you require advice please telephone The Ulster Independent Clinic (Monday to Friday, 11.00 am to 3.00 pm) telephone number 028 9066 1212 and ask to speak to the Hospital Liaison Sister.  If necessary outside these times advice can be obtained from the Nurse-In-Charge, telephone number 028 9066 1212.