I provide a rapid out patient service and from your initial contact with my secretary I can usually see you as a patient within at most one week. Routine MRI Scans and X-rays can usually be performed on the day of consultation, Ultrasound scans or MR arthrograms for suspected shoulder instability may take slightly longer. Radiology reports are usually returned to my office within two or three days of your investigation, facilitating a review consultation within a week of your initial consultation.

In the case of patients with severe symptoms every effort will be made to provide the soonest possible consultation, investigation and treatment. I perform shoulder steroid injections on an outpatient basis for many inflammatory shoulder conditions such as frozen shoulder or rotator cuff impingement. If you are having a shoulder injection you should be able to drive home afterwards. The treatment of shoulder conditions whether injection based or surgical requires the input of a physiotherapist. I work closely with a number of physiotherapy practices throughout Ireland and it is therefore usually possible to organise treatment relatively close to your own home.

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